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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the headings below to answer your most common enquiries.
When and where do you train?
See the table with map-links found here
Do I need to have any other martial arts background?
No. Despite it’s effectiveness as a system of self-defence, Systema does not require you to be a “hard-nut” or have had any previous training. It is also open to women, children, older people and really anyone who want to train.How old do I have to be?
Due to recent legal changes in the UK we are currently only training people 18 years old or older. If parents are present throughout the lesson and consent, then we can also train with younger persons. generally however we would not normally train children under the age of 12 or so as these would require some more specialised attention and probably a separate class.

What can I expect?
A friendly, welcoming atmosphere where training is done in a relaxed and entertaining manner. Due to our backgrounds, it took us a little while to realise that some people are worried their first lesson is going to be some kind of “test” of their “hardness”. If this is a concern for you, please rest assured Systema does not work this way. Everyone is taught at their own level of skill, ability and desire. If you come to the Wednesday class at Liverpool Street (see When and Where link above) as this is more of a muscular/ligament/brain fitness/conditioning class, there will not even be any contact work.

What do I need to bring?
Comfortable clothing, a relaxed attitude and your training fee. Most people wear some kind of tracksuit and trainers, but if you want to train in a 3-piece suit that works for us too. Systema is about readying yourself under unpredictable situations, if this aspect interests you then try to wear clothing you can be comfortable in but also that is not completely removed from your normal everyday wear.

Do I need to be a member of Fitness First or any other gym?
No. just sign it at reception and tell them you are here for the Systema class.

Do you have showering facilities at the Gym?
Yes, but unfortunately we are also the last group before closing time so you will not have a chance to use them. Bring a towel in your bag and a change of clothes especially in winter as going out immediately after class drenched in sweat is a nice way to get ill. On the up side, you can shower at home with your significant other, free!