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Private Classes


One on one training is in most cases useful for one of two primary purposes:

1. To save time in understanding some of the basic concepts of Systema
The System is very different from most other martial arts I have dealt with at a relatively profound neurological level, medic with all the accompanying differences this results in, capsule both physiologically and psychologically. Understanding broadly what these principles are tends to save a beginner a considerable amount of time in beginning to show some proficiency in Systema. Individual instruction on this is generally the fastest way to begin to develop an understanding of these concepts. It needs to be said that regardless of your level of ability this process so far seems to be continuous.

2. To correct or improve a specific point or principle of your training
Certain aspects of the System are easier to learn for each person than others. An experienced instructor is better able to see what is missing or which principles you should be improving or focussing on depending on your aims. Dedicated one on one training time is basically essential for faster and more correct progression of your ability.


Private classes with Giuseppe or Uldis are £50 for the first class (which sometimes is all that is required to provide you with enough information to practice during normal training sessions for several weeks or months). These generally last between one hour and a quarter and one hour and a half and include a general overview of your overall ability, strength and weaknesses, areas to focus on for improvement and overall assessment as well as provide you with enough exercises and concepts to keep you busy for some time.

Subsequent classes if required are £30 per session and these last one hour. More advanced students who are already familiar with Systema can also just come for the one hour classes at £30 but these are generally for people with whom we have trained before at least once or twice in regular classes so as to determine their overall ability.