We are now issuing certificates for those students who would like to have recognition of their training. Unfortunately, because of the many and varied “styles” of Systema, it is sometimes difficult to in some objective way rate the level of ability of a person. This is not a real problem as by training together it soon becomes evident what a person’t level of ability and understanding is. Nevertheless some individuals welcome a chance to be able to have their training verified. Either because they want to eventually teach Systema, or because it motivates them to have a goal to aim for. As a result we are now issuing official certificates that will verify how many hours of contiguous training you have done with us at Way of Systema.

1. In order to achieve one of the certificates below no more than 10% of the total classes required in a continuous period can be missed.

2. Each class only counts for 1 hour although the calsses run to 1.5 or 2 hours, this is to account for dead time, verbal instructions, breaks in training etc.

3. The fee charged for each certificate helps us cover the costs of running the website, paying rent for the gym, transport costs for the instructors and so on. Money is never a factor in issuing the certificates, they are ONLY issued on the basis of your having trained the required number of sessions.

4. When purchasing the certificate enter your mailing address. The certificate will be mailed to you but you will physically have to get it signed by the Chief Instructor Uldis Veismanis who will verify your attendance.


Certificate of 50 contiguous hours of training


Certificate of 100 contiguous hours of training


Certificate of 200 contiguous hours of training


Certificate of 300 contiguous hours of training